BOOTS is an informal hillwalking group based in Oldmeldrum, north of Aberdeen, Scotland.

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Bennachie AIMS

BOOTS offers people living in the Aberdeenshire area and their friends and visitors the means of organising access to the hills in the company of others with a similar interest in hillwalking.

Members of the group benefit from each others' skills and experience. Walkers, including the less experienced can take part in outings that they might not otherwise have tackled, developing their own capabilities in the process.

The group actively encourages the development of hillcraft amongst its members, and can organise instruction in navigating skills and safety awareness and practices.


Membership of the group is open to all prepared to abide by its guidelines given in greater detail in the leaflet issued with the current year's programme.

Young people under the age of 16 are welcome to come out with the group provided that they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Prior to booking on their first outing, prospective members should confirm their experience and current level of fitness with John Baillie or John Hughes and contact the walk organiser in good time for the first walk they wish to join.

Prospective members may apply to join the BOOTS Hillwalkers' email forwarder, once they have been out on one or more walks. It allows all members to communicate with each other without sending to each email address. In other words, it is a common email address to receive and send e-mails about walks and weekends from and to all other BOOTS' members.

To have access to the forwarder, send an email to John Baillie by clicking on the envelope marked John Baillie in the grey area to the left of this page.

   The Facebook pages for Bootshillwalkers, are intended as a site where members can share images and other information.

   Currently, Elaine Maslin and Tom Barratt are Managers, which means that they can access it, change any settings and so on.
   Anyone else already having a Facebook account and accepted by a Manager as a "friend" can also post images.

   BOOTS members not having a Facebook account can view the pages and the images via the link: or by clicking on the Facebook logo here or at the top of the page. Members without a Facebook account can post images by sending them by their preferred method to one of the Managers.

Above Glenshee PLANNING

The organisers plan their assigned walks in advance. Persons intending to go on a walk should contact its organiser in time to ensure that sufficient transport is available and any other arrangements can be made.


Every second or third weekend, leaving the Town Square, Oldmeldrum, at the stated time on this schedule, possibly picking up en route (or as arranged between individuals for weekend outings), returning typically from 17.00 to 19.00.

Departure and return times depend upon the length of the walk, distance from home and the time of the year.

Cycling In Glen Tanar BOOKING

Persons intending to go on a walk should contact its organiser (shown on the programme) in sufficient time to allow transport and other arrangements to be made. Currently as there is a shortage of organisers, intending walkers should contact Helen Wilcox or John Baillie about arrangements.


Transport is normally by private car, but a bus may be hired when more convenient.

Travellers will pay their share of the vehicle hire on the day. In any event, passengers should offer to contribute towards fuel costs.

Persons who book on an outing involving hired transport or other financial commitments and cancel after arrangements have been finalised, are liable to pay their share if others would otherwise incur increased costs.

Cycling In Glen Tanar OTHER ACTIVITIES

Weekends away allow excursions further afield than the local hills. Chalets, B&B, youth hostels, bothies and camping are used for accommodation on trips away. The organiser can help to co-ordinate transport and accommodation bookings, but unless otherwise agreed, it is up to the individual to arrange his/ her transport and accommodation.

Instruction in map and compass work, hillcraft and safety awareness can be provided.

Mountain biking, possibly combined with hillwalking, is an option for some outings.

Other suggestions are welcomed.


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