Band Tunes For 2019


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2/4 Marches

The Barren Rocks of Aden

Hielan Laddie

Mhairi's Wedding

Brown Haired Maiden


Australian Ladies

The Atholl and Breadalbane Gathering

3/4 Marches

Battle's O'er



Kilworth Hills

The Bloody Fields of Flanders



Loch Maree

Castle Dangerous


The Heroes of St. Valery

Mary Grant


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4/4 Marches

Scotland the Brave

Rowan Tree

Bonnie Galloway

Old Rustic Bridge

We're No Awa Tae Bide Awa


The Accordion Man

The City of Hastings Pipe Band

The Music of the Spey


Bonny Lass o Fyvie


Lord Lovat's Lament

Loch Ruan


6/8 Marches

Pipe Major Donald Maclean of North Uist

Pipe Sergeant John Barclay


Farewell to the Creeks

Rab's Wedding


The 10 HLI Crossing the Rhine

Tug Argan Gap

9/8 Marches

Dreaming of Islay

Rhine Area Pipers


Banks of the Lossie



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Slow Air and Hornpipes

Loch Rannoch


The Brolum

The Deil's Best Tune

The Red Fox


Slow Air & Jigs

P/M John Allan (Slow March)

Sandy Hardie's Golden Jubilee (Jig)

Anny's New Ring (Jig)

The Clumsy Lover (Jig)



Dugald Gillespie (12/8)

Campbeltown Kiltie Ball (Strathspey)

Cutty's Wedding (Strathspey)

Eddie McDonald's Reel

Mrs Macleod of Raasay (Reel)

Farewell to the Creeks (In Slow Time)

The Jiggernaut (Jig)


Slow Airs

Highland Cathedral

Flower of Scotland

Amazing Grace

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