Our Aspirations


The Band’s long term goals are to be able to:
  • Compete successfully at local competitions and major pipe band championships;
  • Play an extensive, interesting and varied repertoire appropriate to a range of differing types of engagements.
  • To continue to be recognised in the community as Inverurie's "Town Band".
To achieve those goals, the Band must:
  • Have a competent corps of playing members with strength in numbers;
  • Achieve a consistent and increasingly high standard of play;
  • Have a succession of learners coming forward to join the playing band and counteract natural wastage.

Short-Term Objectives

Engagements And Competitions

The main priorities are to:-
  • Extend the range of beatings played by the drum corps to allow the pipers' repertoire to be played in public;
  • Develop the standard of both the pipe and drum corps to allow the Band to compete again regularly;
  • Take on a manageable programme of engagements throughout the year. Local engagements continue to be sought to highlight the profile of the Band and fulfil its function as a "Town Band".

Recruitment and Tuition

For a period of 10 years or so, the band struggled to engage and retain drum tutors for any length of time. We have been fortunate over the past few years that Bob Watson, leading drummer with Portlethen Band, has been providing tuition to both learner and adult drummers, enabling their numbers and the the range and standard of drum beatings continues to improve.

The piping section has a healthy number of adult members, but in recent years, there has been no successful progression of young pipers into the band. To remedy this, the Band Chairman provides tuition to learners and we have had a series of recruiting drives to attract youngsters wishing to learn to play pipes or drums.

Fund Raising

Fund raising continues to be a priority, to pay for both the day to day running of the Band (kit maintenance, practice nights in the school, fees, etc.) and to kit out new and existing playing members. Suggestions will always be invited. Current ideas include:-
  • Playing at Thainstone Sunday Market and other venues such as the regular Farmers' Market in Inverurie;
  • An organised "club/pub crawl";
  • Pursuing the possibility of sponsorship.

Sense of Identity

As a voluntary organisation, it is important that members have a strong sense of belonging to the Band and knowing what is going on.

Apart from the camaraderie at band practices and engagements, the Band has held annual dances and get-togethers over the years. Trips to Mly in 2003 and Calella in Catalonia in 2004 were highlights in the Band's history. (See the Photo Album.) More recently we have enjoyed christmas dances at "Bring a Party to a Party" at Thainstone Mart, and the equivalent at The Kintore Arms and Inverurie Golf Club.

Whereas in the past, newsletters were distributed from time to time to keep people in touch, with the advent of e-mail, Committee members are able to keep members informed of upcoming events and decisions to be made. The 'members' email distribution list allows any band member or parent to send emails to all other members of the band.

Prepared By
John Baillie
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